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Updated on 10 Jan 2006

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Be a part of what God is doing amongst the ethnic minority Chinese and churches in this region!


Greetings Fellow Missions Minded Christians and Pastors
Welcome to our web site!

Through this webpage we hope you'll know more about the opportunities and onus of mission endeavours to the unreached minorities of western China. We hope you will appreciate first the fact that our Sovereign God has a plan for China church. Her many people groups in China are diverse and different and sub-cultures and requires strategic approaches to truly reach and renew the Church. Hence, there is a need to re-invent the wheels of mission endeavours, to undertake a different approach as opposed to the traditionally and currently commercialised schemes of foreign and international mission organizations.

We like to encourage and enlighten you to believe that God is developing His church in China differently from what the western-styled mission organizations are trying to do with own agendas.

We ask that you partner with God in being pro-China church and believe in empowering the local ethnic missionaries to evangelise the unreached ethnic people at the unreached frontiers of western China, instead of trying to over power them with foreign missions strategies.


The highest concentration of Yi ethnic Christians and the strongest in faith next to the Lisu and Miao ethnic groups are the Yis in this region in Yunnan.


Do you want to know more about reaching the unreached ethnic groups through ethnic missionaries instead western missionaries in south and western China? Contact us.


Have you been told that no one evangelises in China that you should come and be a missionary in China? Do you know that there are 30 millions(at least) Christians in china? A great percentage of them are preaching the Gospel every day?
Have you been told that there is a great lack of Bibles inside China and that you should donate to the printing of Bibles outside China so that they can smuggle the Bibles into China? Do you know that thus far 23 millions copies have been printed inside China and that there are church bookshops that you can buy the Bibles from!
Or should you know that the printing of Bibles, or Christian literatures, duplicating of message tapes, VCDs etc. inside China are many times cheaper than doing it outside China!

If you or your church truly cares about China's mission field, you need to first see and know what God is doing in China through Chinese Christians before you try to bring your irrelevant foreign concepts and commercialized attempts to China.
Many Christians and even pastors are adversely misled by recycled informations in "newsletters" put out by international mission organizations regarding what they were told is happening in China. Most of them still try to publishise their style of strategy, they sensationalise their stories, many actually re-cycled other people's news, third or fourth hand, and along the way fabricate abit. Some even resurrect old news and photos to make it looks new.
When they can get their way or what they do don't seem to work, they would play the old songs of China not having human rights and religious freedom for the people.
With their head in the sand, they dont even want to recognise that God has already freed millions in churches to worship God and reach their fellowmen and unreached nationalities. They don't know what is God doing and what development is taking place.
Christians, don't be misled by such negative and irrelevant propagandas and publicity. What you read in their newsletter is not always what is happening!
Remember two mistakes does not make a rhyme! So if you have a heart for the unreached and remote ethnic people in China. Start by praying, come on a trip and you will begin to understand and appreciate what God is doing for China church through His ethnic missionaries.


Mission group visiting the Yi ethnic church at north eastern Yunnan. Yi church at the background is at least 100 years old with few of the Yi ethnic groups attending this church. Join us on our trip and know what God has done in reaching the Yi ethnic people group!

Empowering China's ethnic church the vision, vigor and a voice!